Thank You

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our event would not be possible.
We invite you to support these organizations where possible.

Elan property group sponsor

Marshalls World of Sport has over the years grown to become one of the most dynamic and trusted bookmaking groups in South Africa. We offer extensive betting on horseracing and international sporting events via telephone, internet, mobile phone and our numerous cash outlets in KZN, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and the Western Cape.Since 1963 when John Marshall opened his first betting operation, and in 1966 when Dawn Marshall became the first lady bookmaker in South Africa, Marshall's World of Sport has grown in stature and reputation to be respected leaders of the industry in South Africa.
world sports betting sponsor

Kuda was founded in 2009 originally only providing Bloodstock insurance. We have since diversified into other niche insurance industries such as Sport Horse, Game, Livestock and Aviation, we also offer a range of Personal and Commercial Short-Term insurance products as well as Foreign Exchange services to these niche client groups. Today, ten years later we are one of the largest Equestrian Insurance intermediaries in South Africa. Kuda is a registered Financial Services Provider 38382.
FSB: 26/10/38382
The mercury sponsor

Epol is leading the field through leading-edge feed and nutrition technology. Epol is scientifically formulated to give horses a perfectly balanced diet. Our in-house nutritionists ensure that our customers benefit from the economical input costs while horses enjoy optimum output performance. Stringent quality controls using state-of-the-art near-infrared testing are maintained at our on-site laboratories. Horses have over generations adapted and survived by using their speed and intelligence. Living on rich pastures the horse evolved to eat little and often. With the development of the draught horse, military horse and sport horse, feeding has greatly progressed. Today we require more specific performance from these athletes and we therefore have to provide them with the most adequate nutritional balance.
Gagasi Fm radio sponsor

Today, just over twelve years later, this radio station is the favourite of nearly 2 000 000 listeners across KZN, and consistently featured as one of the top 10 radio stations in the country. Gagasi FM is a contemporary radio station with a strong local identity and is the only bilingual commercial radio station in KwaZulu Natal, broadcasting in both English and isiZulu.We recognise the KZN region and serve the listeners’ information and educational needs through specialist features and focused events and promotions.
Gold circle sponsor

Created by the amalgamation of three of South Africa’s top Racing Clubs, namely the Durban Turf Club, the Clairwood Turf Club and the Pietermaritzburg Turf Club, Gold Circle is today part of a multi-faceted and integrated industry, organising thoroughbred horseracing events throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Since its inception in 1996, Gold Circle has grown from strength to strength and was recently recognised for their contribution to the sustained economic growth of KwaZulu-Natal in the Recreation, Education and Social Services Sector.
Prosport international sponsor

Prosport International’s pedigreed agents, branding and support service teams manage current and past athletes and coaching staff with a complete suite of professional services. These include contract negotiations, sponsorship sourcing and management, wealth management, career management and administration services, coupled with legal, marketing, public relations and media expertise. Our experienced representation teams, sporting networks, corporate partners and global reach give us the unique ability to maximise an athlete’s career value – on the field and off – during career highs and lows.